Tuesday, April 13, 2021

BC Faculty Council Resolution on CUNY Re-Entry Plans approved 4/13/21

Resolution approved by Brooklyn College Faculty Council with 91% in favor on Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Stated Meeting Poll Reveals Broad Support for Community Priorities for Use of Federal Relief Funds


The following statement received the support of faculty and staff at the April 6, 2021, Stated Meeting of the Faculty. A quorum of eligible voters was not achieved. An unofficial poll of the assembled yielded 194 Yes, 19 No, 28 Abstain. Video of the statement's introduction and discussion is available here

Saturday, February 6, 2021

New Deal for CUNY: Media Coverage & Actions You Can Take

Gotham Gazette 2/5/21

NY Daily News 2/4/21

NY Daily News, "Invest in CUNY, Get Big Returns" 3/8/21

City Limits 3/11/21

Nine Things You Can Do to Advance the New Deal for CUNY

The PSC and CUNY Rising Alliance are asking members of the NY state legislature to cosponsor the legislation and - more importantly at the moment - to advocate for an additional $273.6 million more than what the Governor allocated to CUNY in his Executive Budget.

Here’s the bill in the Assembly    Here’s the bill in the Senate 

What can you do to support his campaign?

1. Click here to send an email to your NYS state legislator – you’re encouraged to personalize it, adding on what a ND4C and more funding right now would mean for us: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/nd4c?source=direct_link&amp

2. Craft your own personalized letter and mail it! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QG5cjasS0LJezy35wFc6L17q4SXEdkH3M_HPMS7U_cE/edit 

3. Sign up to pressure your reps! These meetings and actions have started! https://tiny.cc/organizeND4C.

4. Come to a CUNY Rising Alliance march on Saturday March 6th at 1pm, we’ll be starting at Barclay’s Center and ending at City Tech! https://cunyrisingalliance.org/march6

5. Come to the ND4C organizing mtgs every other Monday 2:30 to 4pm until the April 1st budget deadline (that’s just March 15, & 29). Invite others! If interested, email us at HunterChapterPSCCUNY@gmail.com

6. If you’re up for hustling (sending text messages) to get other members to take action, let us know! email us at HunterChapterPSCCUNY@gmail.com

7. Post on social media about a New Deal for CUNY. Tag your reps. Ask them to cosponsor the bill, support an additional 273.6 million than what’s currently in the Executive Budget. Use hashtags #NewDealforCUNY and #CUNY; you might use #InvestinourNewYork if want to support the campaing for increased revenue. You can retweet from @CUNYRising. Want to look up your represenatatives? https://www.mygovnyc.org/. Want to learn more about the revenue campaign? https://www.investinourny.org/

8Reach out to alum, former and current students and share the links above re emailing and signing up to meet w/ their reps. Ask them to help us make ND4C visible on social media! An external petition for alum and former students is coming soon.

9. CUNY Rising postcard parties Wed March 3 6-7pm and 9-10pm: BYO beverage, blank postcards, postage, and art supplies then log onto zoom, and urge NYS reps to support a ND4C. We’ll help w/ suggested language and assist you in looking up the addresses. Email CRAbizness@gmail.com for info and link to join. Facebook invite:   https://www.facebook.com/events/265751725112898

10. Share all of this with others. Everybody you know could be a #CUNYally

Brooklyn College Spring '21 Enrollment is Steady

BC enrollment remains steady despite the pandemic. Data from the day before the Spring 2021 registration deadline suggest that, compared to Spring 2020,

  • total undergraduate enrollment will be approx. one percent lower
  • total graduate enrollment will be less than ten percent lower
  • overall BC enrollment will be approx. 2.5 percent lower, with a total of ~16,300 students


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Why a New Deal For CUNY? How can NY afford to fund us, especially now?

New Deal for CUNY in English and in Spanish

What is the concept behind the New Deal for CUNY? https://cunyrisingalliance.org/nd4c-concept-paper

I am a CUNY student/faculty member/staff: How can I get involved? https://cunyrisingalliance.org/nd4cvolunteers

Invest in Our New York: a six-pack of progressive taxation bills to raise $50 Billion in new revenue in NY State.

Who's in the "revenue coalition" behind the Invest in Our New York legislation? https://progressive.org/dispatches/new-york-coalition-raise-revenue-mellins-210113/

Want to help advocate for the New Deal for CUNY and the Invest in Our New York Act? Join the PSC's Legislative Organizing Subcommittee here!