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This Blog is produced by the Executive Committee of the PSC-CUNY Chapter at Brooklyn College. Opinions posted here, and the blog in whole or part, do not represent the official positions of the PSC-CUNY. Instead this forum is intended to provide a space for discussion of chapter members and others deemed appropriate by the Brooklyn College chapter Executive Committee.

If you have a grievance or a complaint, this is NOT the place to post it because it can jeopardize your case. Please email our contract enforcement officer, Jocelyn Wills: bcpsccontractenforcement@gmail.com.

The goal of this blog is to raise awareness and call people to take action to resist the remaking of the university by the CUNY Administration, including the Board of Trustees. We believe that the CUNY Board is wholly unqualified to make academic judgments about the needs of our students and that they are instead motivated by an agenda of homogenizing and debasing the educational standards of CUNY to facilitate a series of corporate streamlining measures designed to reduce costs.

Please join us in fighting this reactionary assault on one of the greatest public higher education systems in the world.

If you have information about the Board of Trustees or the corporatization of the university please share it with us at PSCCUNYBC@gmail.com

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