Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sisters and Brothers:
We are receiving many inquiries from several campuses about assignments for summer work so I am resending this email to all. 
Please be reminded of the following contractual rights:
1. The annual leave period defined:
The period of annual leave for full-time teaching members of the faculty is from the day subsequent to the spring commencement on each campus until the third day, excluding Saturday and Sunday preceding August 30 or an equivalent consecutive period. (Article 14.1). For the 2014-2015 academic year, the last day of the annual leave period is Tuesday, August 26, 2014 and the first day of the fall 2014 semester is Wednesday, August 27, 2014.
2. Classroom teaching members: 
For members of the teaching faculty annual leave begins the day immediately following spring commencement and teaching faculty may not be compelled to work during their annual leave period.  The PSC/CUNY contract, provides in article 15.1 that members of the teaching faculty do not have to be available for professional assignments during the annual leave period. If you are asked to work for any reason during June, July or August it must be on a voluntary and paid basis. This would include any assignments made by your department chair or conveyed by you from management, including but not limited to meetings of department committees. If you agree to an assignment during this period you must be compensated at 60% of the adjunct hourly teaching rate for all non-teaching assignments and the adjunct teaching rate for all teaching assignments.  Department Chairs are to be compensated during the annual leave period at one-ninth of their annual salary multiplied by the number of hours assigned based on discusson with the colege President.
3. For Faculty Counselors
For Full-time Faculty assigned as Counselors the annual leave period is the same as it is for full-time members of the teaching faculty above. However, at the college's discretion, Counselors may be scheduled in no less than four week periods, except for the last of such periods, which shall consist of the remaining number of day, of annual leave. The number of annual leave days must be equivalent to the number of days. excluding Sat., Sun., and legal holidays, between the day after spring commencement of each college until the third day, excluding Sat.., Sun., preceding August 30.
4. For Faculty Librarians
For Full-time faculty Librarians annual leave is accrued and the work year is 12 months.  In accord with article 14.3(b), faculty librarians earn 30 workdays of annual leave per year if they were hired prior to 1/1/98. For those hired after 1/1/98 they earn 20 days of annual leave during the first year of service and 20 days of annual leave plus one additional day for each year of service to a maximum of 30 days during the 2md through the each year thereafter.
5. Teaching and Non-teaching adjuncts
The workload during the annual leave period is defined by University policy, not by the contract. Adjunct instructional staff are limited to 105 hours of instruction during the summer except in departments with four credit courses for which a 120 hour assignment is permitted
Non-teaching adjunct instructional staff, including adjunct CLTs, are limited to 175 hours during the summer.
The Summer In-House Counselor schedule is attached below along with the University's memorandum on Teaching Instructional Staff Start Dates -2014-2015 Academic Year.
If you have any questions please contact a PSC Central Office Counselor.
In solidarity,
Debra Bergen
Director, Contract Administration
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