Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What will it Take to Get a New Contract?

The PSC presented CUNY management with its primary demands 3 years ago. Three years is too long to wait for serious negotiations. Part of the problem is that CUNY management has to answer to the City and State Governments, which have not been interested in serious negotiations as they pursue a politics of austerity in which unionized workers are asked to work more for less, while billions in tax breaks are handed out to the real estate and financial industries
The CUNY Board of Trustees is supposed to oversee the management of CUNY on behalf of the Governor and Mayor, who appoint them. Since the Governor and the Mayor are our ultimate bargaining partners, especially on financial matters, it’s imperative that they know what the faculty are demanding at that rank and file members are dissatisfied.

Over the last few years serious questions have been raised about the suitability of our trustees and their numerous instances of failing to do what’s best for CUNY and its students and employees.  From demagogic attacks on CUNY allies like Tony Kushner, to the implementation of Pathways against the clear and overwhelming opposition of the faculty we have seen the scandalous shortcomings of this Board.

At the Monday, September 30th Board of Trustees meeting at Baruch, we have a chance to send them a clear message that the faculty and professional staff demand a decent contract that serves the best interests of our members and the institution.

With the election of a new democratic mayor on the horizon, there is a real possibility of winning some advances in the next contract, but this will only happen if CUNY management and the Board of Trustees see a united and mobilized faculty.

Please join us at Baruch College (Lexington and 25th) on Monday, September 30th at 3:30 to let the Board of Trustees know that we want a new contract with more than just zeros in it.

Please let us know if you can attend by filling out this web form or emailing PSC organizing Director Deirdre Brill: dbrill@pscmail.org or myself: avitale@brooklyn.cuny.edu.

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