Wednesday, April 10, 2013

UFS Passes Resolution Calling for Dissolution of Pathways Committees

The following resolution was passed Tuesday night at the University Faculty Senate plenary by a hand vote with all in favor except one nay, and no abstentions:

Resolution Objecting to the Extension of Pathways Common Core Course Review Committees

Whereas, the CUNY Bylaws give the University Faculty Senate and college senates jurisdiction over curriculum, and

Whereas, the central Pathways committees have wrongly usurped the role of these legitimate senates, and

Whereas, although these committees had expired, the Office of Academic Affairs is now extending the life of these committees until the end of June 2013, and

Whereas, if the pattern holds OAA is likely to make these committees permanent,

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the University Faculty Senate objects to OAA’s further extension of these extra-governance curriculum committees and calls for a permanent end to them.

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