Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Special Meeting of the PSC Chapter at Brooklyn College on Thursday Feb. 27th 12:30-2 in 222 Whitehead.

Dear Colleagues,

We will be holding a special meeting of the PSC Chapter at Brooklyn College on Thursday Feb. 27th 12:30-2 in 222 Whitehead. 

As most of you know, CUNY Central has capitulated to important faculty demands regarding Pathways, which is a major victory for the Faculty and ultimately the students at CUNY. We still face several struggles, however, here at Brooklyn College. The administration continues to try to force us into the Pathways framework, even as we begin a faculty-lead review of general education. It is imperative that the faculty speak in a clear voice to the Brooklyn College and CUNY administrations that we will not tolerate administrative interference in the curriculum. Therefore, we intend to bring one or more resolutions to the Stated Meeting of the Faculty in April regarding these issues. The Stated Meeting of the faculty is the ultimate voice of the faculty in the governance of the faculty, eclipsing even Faculty Council. 

At our next meeting we will be discussing the possible elements of a resolution to come before the Stated Meeting and we invite you to join us in that process. Among the topics we will discuss are demands to reinstate the previous general education curriculum including the Core, foreign language, and speech requirements; calls for the President and Provost to publicly express support for and the intent to implement any new General Education requirements that come from the current faculty driven review process, regardless of their adherence to Pathways; and a vote of “no confidence” in the CUNY Board of Trustees. This is by no means an exhaustive list of possible resolutions. 

With CUNY backpedaling and a new Chancellor in the wings, this is the time to reassert faculty control over the curriculum. Please make a special effort to join us on the 27th. You may also submit written proposals to us at alvgc@yahoo.com.  At the following meeting on March 18th we will review specific draft resolutions to be submitted to the Faculty at the April Stated Meeting. 


Alex S. Vitale
Brooklyn College Chapter

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