Saturday, April 5, 2014

Historic Stated Meeting of the Faculty Vote on Tuesday

Dear Colleagues,

On Tuesday, for the first time in decades, the Brooklyn College faculty will be voting on a measure at the Stated Meeting of the Faculty. The resolution to be voted on supports the Faculty Council in their effort, as elected representatives of the faculty, to undertake a process of redesigning general education at Brooklyn College. Given recent attacks on faculty governance and faculty control over curriculum it is imperative that this vote succeed. So far the response has been overwhelming. Over 300 full time faculty have committed to attending the meeting. If those numbers hold true, then we will meet our quorum of approximately 275. But that does not leave much room for error. If you have committed to showing up, we need you there. If you haven’t yet and can do so, please let us know you are coming.

This vote is about much more than just Pathways or general education. It’s ultimately about faculty power. Over the last generation, at CUNY and throughout academia, we have seen our power eroded by constant assaults by administrators, elected officials, and the media. So far, in higher education we have avoided some of the worst abuses meted out on K-12 teachers, but there are many out there, who would like to see us disempowered in the same way, through high stakes testing, one size fits all curriculum, and the erosion of faculty governance. A win on this resolution will send a clear message to the Brooklyn College and CUNY wide administrations, as well as faculty and administrators across the country. Tuesday’s actions are being closely followed and we expect press coverage of the outcome. In addition, faculty governance leaders at other CUNY campuses have already approached us about replicating our strategy at their campuses if we are successful.

Tuesdays vote is open to full-time faculty on professorial and lecturer lines, including people who are currently on sabbatical or leave. Substitutes, visiting professors, and those who have already informed the administration of their intent to resign or retire are not eligible to vote. Be sure to arrive early. Lunch will be served at 12:15, but try to sign in and get your ballot before getting your food, so that we can move swiftly to voting as close to 1PM as possible. We hope to know the results of the vote before the end of the meeting. 

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