According to minutes from the April 29 meeting of the CUNY board of trustees, outgoing Chancellor Matthew Goldstein, who will retire on June 30, will undertake a "study leave" for a year at his current salary of $490,000. Once that's done, he'll retire for five months, then return as "chancellor emeritus" for five years at a salary of $300,000 a year. "During his study leave, retirement leave and tenure as Chancellor Emeritus, Dr. Goldstein shall perform such teaching and other non-policymaking duties as shall be determined by the Board of Trustees," the minutes read.   According to the New York Post, Goldstein currently receives a $90,000 housing allowance in addition to his salary; the minutes do not say that that will continue.
Union members have noted that half of CUNY's courses are taught by adjuncts who make less than $20,000 annually.