Monday, November 6, 2017

Chapter Meeting Ageda, Oct 31, 2017

Janus v AFSCME & Recommit Campaign
o   “Rightwing Alliance Plots Assault to ‘Defund and Defang’ America’s Unions,” Guardian 8/30/17
o   PSC Recommit campaign: blue cards or online at
o   Adjunct membership blitz Wed and Thu afternoon – sign up to participate:

Announced bargaining agenda
o   Process
o   Demands
o   Contract campaign = budget, legislative + student, community, member mobilization

Con Con
o   Election day (Nov 7) vote No on Prop 1: Constitutional Convention
o   Phone bank – outreach to CUNY colleagues from home!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! Fight for Contingent Academics!

Petitions: MoE bill and Adjunct 7K contract demand

Click the links below, print, and gather signatures from faculty, students, and professionals staff.  Please return completed petitions to BC Chapter Chair James Davis, English Dept, B2308.

Petition to support Maintenance of Effort legislation, ensuring annual increases in operating costs at CUNY and SUNY are covered by NY State funding.

Petition to support PSC contract demand of $7K/course minimum for Adjunct faculty teaching a 3-credit course.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Campus Equity Week 2017

The BC Chapter rang in Campus Equity Week by signing up hundreds of supporters for the PSC's contract demand of $7K minimum per course for adjuncts.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Chapter Meeting Agenda Sept 14, 2017

Contract campaign: survey results, contract process, and campaign

Recommitment campaign: Janus v AFSCME 

·         New blue card or PSC website:

·         Sign up for training at BC in 1-1 organizing: Mon Sept 18 or Tue Sept 26 

·         Analysis:
Penny Lewis (PSC), “Trump’s Assault on Labor,” The Clarion
Risa Lieberwitz (AAUP), “Legal Watch: Friederichs Redux,” Academe

Looking ahead…

·         Maintenance of Effort campaign: Coordinated with SUNY and a coalition of public higher ed supporters:

·         Campus Equity Week, late October: BC adjunct organizing “blitz” on Halloween day

·         NY State Constitutional Convention? Vote “No” on November 7

·         Next chapter meetings:
Tue Oct 31, Ingersoll Extension (IA) 329
Wed Nov 29, Library 411

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Defend DACA

In response to the Trump administration's commitment to rescind DACA, The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), our national affiliate, is providing a mechanism to collectively urge our elected officials to pass a "clean" Dream Act, preserving the rights of DACA protected young people to work and remain in this country.  As of mid-September, over 12,000 letters have been sent in this way.  Send your letters here: